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Welcome to ASIA AFRICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (AACC), a NGO officially registered on November 5, 2021 with the Registrar of Societies under the Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia (ROS Reg No. PPM-007-10-05112021). Our main goal is to be a world class reference point, and organization that promotes and facilitates the TRADE, INDUSTRY, TOURISM and INVESTMENT (TITI) between Asia and Africa. ASIA AFRICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE aims to translate economic co-operation into increased in disposable income with women and youth as priority end beneficiaries. Browse through our site to discover what we’re all about.

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Executive Board:

ASIA AFRICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is driven by an experienced Executive Board that is comprised of award winning Entrepreneurs, Former Trade Commissioners, Presidents and Council Members of trade associations, Legal Practitioners, Business Academicians and Market Development Specialists.


ASIA AFRICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is designed to be a truly diversified, broad minded and professional partnership of Entrepreneurs, MNCs and SMEs. The Executive Board Members of ASIA AFRICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE have established extensive network across Asia and Africa. We live local and think global. One common goal that brought us all together in this journey, is our committed mission in promoting and facilitating the trade between Asia and Africa by providing resources and updates relevant for the world community from the ground.

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ASIA AFRICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE stands for the most important ingredient of trust in taking the central role as a Centre of Facilitation for trade and investment opportunities between Asia and Africa, working on needs driven from local countries/cities as priority, with underlying commitment to building sustainable corporate social responsibilities in the process.



Introducing our Flagship Trade & Investment Program. Interested stakeholders are encouraged to register now to ride on a safe and secured market entry channel to the Nigerian and West African markets

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa at 211 million,

and 401 million projected by 2050.

Asia Village Market (AVM) is managed by Asankoko International Ltd (Asankoko), a platform that will solve the challenge of absence of trust and profitable trading channel that connects Asia Exporters with nigeria and Africa markets.

AVM offers warehousing capacity for 100s of 40ft containers located in Lagos, Nigeria. next phase is 1,000 Hectares of land with rail line link and dry port in the axis of Ogun state and Oyo State, an industrial and trading hub. 



Building a sustainable Pan Regional Community Service Program for the long term

Light Up Africa


ASIA AFRICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE followed one simple mission - to commit in serving the communities of needs by incorporating an agreed fixed allocation of revenue while facilitating the trade at large. ASIA AFRICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE provides a focused Pan Asia Africa Community Service Initiative named "Light Up Africa!" in Phase 1, followed by "Light Up Asia!" in Phase 2. Here we work with Members of ASIA AFRICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and targeted local communities to install SMART STREET LIGHTS in designated areas, to  generate sustainable income from advertising to improve the life of communities of needs and reduce crimes. We are incredibly proud of what we have to offer. Get in touch to learn more about us and how to join our community of giving!


We shall duplicate Light Up Africa! to Asia, one country, one city at a time. We welcome Entrepreneurs, MNCs and SMEs to collaborate for this good course, while participating in viable solutions that will generate economic returns along the process. A truly WIN WiN WIN sustainable model.

Light Up Asia


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Asia Africa Business & Investment Summit (AABIS) 2022 coming your way on June 30, 2022. An iconic event of AACC designed with the purpose of bridging and improving the Asian and Africa economy with meetings between political and business leaders focusing on areas of Trade, Industry, Tourism and Investment (TITI), like “World Economic Forum” but regional focus on Asia and Africa.

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AABIS 2022